Gynecomastia Scars After Surgery! Behind the Nipple/areola.!!

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On June 15, I had surgery for my gynecomastia....

On June 15, I had surgery for my gynecomastia. Tissue was surgecly removed from each breast.

I did this because It was embarrassing to be unable to take off my shirt in public or even wear something form fitting.

Hello, I reciently had gynecomastia surgery (Mid June) and am having a problem with the scaring. Both nipples have large scars (lumps) behind the nipple, but my right nipple scar is VERY hard and large. It still looks like I havent had the surgery at all... If not worse than it was before the surgery! Im very confused as to what to expect... Will these lumps go away? Do i need to have another surgery? Is there somethign I can do on my own to help? Thank you for your help!

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its my fault for not recognizing the signs earlier.. but the doctor kept assuring me that I do not need to have the Tissue surgically removed. When ANY doctor who understands the different types of gynecomastia would know that you can not lipo this hard tissue. It has to be surgically removed. Also, on surgery day.. I overheard him asking another doctor for directions on how to preform the surgery.

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