Lower Back Swelling After Tumescent Liposuction

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I had tumescent liposuction 4wks ago in the...

I had tumescent liposuction 4wks ago in the abdomen, back and love handle region (basically an inner-tube)...my surgeon says that he took out almost 3kilos in that region.

I had recently lost 50lbs and was at my ideal weight, but had significant fat deposits in one area. The procedure was easy since there wasn't general anesthesia and not a lot of pain afterward. I was able to go back to work 3 days later.

So far I have worn my compression garment and have had 2wks of daily lymphatic massages. I have seen great results in the front sides, but my lower back seems very swollen still (looks the same as it did before surgery). Is this an area that normally takes longer? Is there anything to help the swelling?

This was a great experience and at this point there are no cons...just questions.

Alejandro Bibolini

Being in Paraguay, he speaks English and attends conferences in the states to keep up with the latest techniques. Uses the tumescent procedure which few others do in this area. He is very honest about what needs to get done and what it may look like after (you will not be perfect).

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