Fraxel Laser for Acne Scars on Face - Los Angeles, CA

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Hi, I'm sixteen and I got lots of scar! I got...

Hi, I'm sixteen and I got lots of scar! I got all of this scar when I was using Estee Lauder products. The products was make little white head pimple on my skin. Seriously, I never squeeze and scratch with it because someone told me that it will make a scar. All of pimple gone but still leave lots of scar on my cheek! I'm never have acne scar like this before and I felt very nervous when i go outside:(

I wait it for 6 months already but nothing happend so I decide to do Fraxel Laser.

Does it gonna heel my scar or not? - Is it painful? - Does it gonna work for yellow skin colour or not(Asain)? - Do they have another product that work well more then Fraxel? - Does it gonna heel redness ploblems or not? *My cheek right side, If you can see there're 1cm scar that I got from when I was young (accident with mirror). Does Fraxel will heel this kind of scar? I really wanna get rid of it so so so much! I will leave some of my acne scar for you to have a look! Ps. Thank you very very very much for the answers!

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