Long Term Health Effects of Lipodissolve

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I did this procedure 2 yrs. ago on my abs. I was a...

I did this procedure 2 yrs. ago on my abs. I was a healthy 30 yr. old (5'5" 135 lbs).

I heard the fat cells burst and get excreted through the body's waste system. Then macrophage cells go to help the contents from the fat cells to move out of the body. This is called inflammation and when your body is in a CONSTANT state of inflammation (as in lipodissolve) then this causes all your other cells to go haywire and you develop problems such as diabetes.

Also, I was told that all the fat does not leave your blood stream an some get stuck on the artery walls causing high triglyceride and cholesterol levels. These are major risk factors for stroke and heart attacks. I have had yearly labs done for the last 3 yrs. and now have diabetes and high triglyceride levels.

Also heard this causes liver damage and a fatty liver since all the fat has to move through the liver. My enzyme levels from my liver test are rising with each lab visit. Keep wondering if this is all do to having this chemical (lipodissolve) injected into me. Guess I will never know.

Wish I would have never done this. Wish there was some artery and organ cleansing I could do to rid all this stuff from my entire body.

Can someone please tell me if they have heard of any long term health effects of lipodissolve?
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