Lumps Intensified by Compression Garment After Tummy Lipo

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I am a petite, fairly thin (by American standards)...

I am a petite, fairly thin (by American standards) Asian woman in my late 20's. While my physique is athletic, I lack the curvature of a female; in fact i tend to hold most of my fat in my 'flanks.' Therefore, I decided to undergo liposuction on May 29th around my waist to give it some curves...let's be honest, I am/was (?) built like a boy. I was told just short of 500cc's were taken out. The procedure was rather easy– I was about and walking in less than 2 days and discomfort is minimal, EXCEPT the compression garment.

I am wondering just how important the elastic compression garment is? It's been just under a week, and the bands seem to be creating lumps where the bandage is not taught. I am trying to minimize sitting or bending over, but the garment is about 12" in height: ribs to hips And so I am wondering if the lumps are going to affect the outcome; and if there's a way to minimize this.

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he told me what was not necessary (thighs lipo) and was very honest about expected results.

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