Problems with Liposuction Recovery

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I am a female 28 yrs 5.1 height 58 kgs weight I...

I am a female
28 yrs
5.1 height
58 kgs weight

I did a liposuction my tummy and thighs a week ago. I would not consider myself overweight but my tummy and thighs had buldges which was making it difficult to wear any dresses.. just loose maxi dresses.

After the surgery, I had a bit of vomitting but it was gone after the doctor gave me a medicine.

My tummy really looks good even though I know its still swollen. My thighs look good too but the swelling is not giving me a clear idea yet.

The first 2 days I had some pain. The next 5 days I only had pain while sitting or standing. Only when I lay down completely or stand up straight - there is no pain.

I have stitches and bruises. Looks like a bruises from the pressure garment itself.

I really feel good when I remove it off for bathing but put it back on soon.

1 - I have now a mild swelling on my feet? Is this normal? I think its due to the garment. Any way to reduce it? 2 - The skin looks wrinkled on my tummy.. will this even out? How long will it take? 3 - Although I wanted to remove some fat from the arms as well, my doctor advised not to as it would cause too much stress on my body. Its not so bad actually but will the arms reduce if the fat on the tummy and thighs have reduced? 4 - Although I can see that the tummy and thigh has reduced. My weight remains the same at 58 kg. why?
Dr. Manoj Manwani, Criticare Hospital, Juhu - Mumbai

My surgery was done there itself and not in an office, salon or clinic. I visited some surgeons but felt more safe at the hospital itself. Took a suite to stay overnight and the staff is quite nice as well. His charges included the hospital room and first medication (had to pay for a tube and tablets which cost me $15 later)which is another reason I went with him. All the others asked for the above seperately. Pressure garment cost another $100. Although I stayed in India for only 3 days after the surgery - I recommend staying back for atleast 10 - 15 days. My sister also did her arms and upper body for $1400.

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