Lipodissolve Terrific! Worked As Promised! Recommed for Belly

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Went to a doctor for lipodissolve to remove belly...

Went to a doctor for lipodissolve to remove belly fat that seemed to spring up overnight due, I believe, to peri-menapause. I did not expect to get Paris Hilton's stomach, just my old one new muffin top could barely be stuffed into my current wardrobe.

I checked the doctor's record with the state agencies and interviewed him prior to beginning anything. The doctor had 3 board certifications and had just opened his own office for this and other cosmetic procedures. I was able to get a promotional deal because of this. He showed me some before and after photos. Not all were dramatic which helped me believe him. He could tell me how many procedures each person in the photos had had. You could not see anyone's face. He said that thighs and butts are the least successful--hardest to get results because of surrounding muscle I think, arms were the next least successful and belly shots got the best results. He poked me with the actual tiny needle that day and I was surprised I barely felt anything.

He did all the shots himself, no nurse or anyone else. So, I did 9 procedures every 2 weeks and never used pain medicine beyond tylenol. I think there were about 18 shots/pokes each time across my stomach. He offered to get me some pain medicine, but I declined. He told me that it was important not to use things like motrin or advil type drugs afterwards for pain.

Each time my stomach became red and swelled a little within about 8 - 12 hours. Yes, it was sore also. The swelling and soreness were gone within about 72 hours as the lipodisolve did its thing. He said it would take about 4 treatments before I would notice anything...he was correct. After 9 treatments, I was back where I wanted to be! I'll have to diet and exercise to go further (just as always) or I may use Accent XL to tighten things up (it is a good follow-up to lipodissolve--he does not do it).

At our first meeting, he did warn that because I was in peri-menapause some or worse case all of the muffin top could try to sneak back unless I did hormone replacement therapy. He could recommend a place if I decided to go that route. He never pushed it or asked me about it again.

I have absolutely no regrets that I did this and would heartily recommend it. I am not sure if this is a direct result of the lipodissolve, but a few months later when I gained 5 lbs, it seemed as if the extra fat sought out my chest and butt equally with my belly (instead of just my belly). I believe that is because I really do have fewer belly fat cells. So my chest which is natural and a little on the small side has gotten a little bigger over the months since the procedure... doesn't bother me as I could have used a little more in that area. Doesn't bother my husband either. I don't know if anyone else has had this experience or if any doctor would ever dare promise this as an after affect.

From reading other reviews here and elsewhere I would recommend that you be careful who you pick to do the shots and that you understand risks and potential results for different body areas. Sorry, but the pain is manageable although some people say that I am tough. The pain is less than a major 4 root, root canal and a lot less than 3 broken ribs which I have had recently. I focused on the results and am satisfied.

I was never nervous about going back and chatted with him while he did the shots. Also, I worked the same day I received the shots (at lunch) and never took any time off. If you get the shots early in the week (Mon. - Wed.) by the weekend your stomach is nearly back or back to normal. I did where loser clothing on the day of the shots and for a few days after as the stomach reacted to the treatment -- no pantyhose or tight waistbands!

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He is an experienced professional who explained everything in advance and gave me his cell phone to call if I had any issues! Unfortunately, due to the Arizona economy, he closed his office and went back to ER medicine. I hope he reopens one day!

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