Collagen Lip Injections Caused Nodules

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I had a lip augmentation procedure in 2000 (...

I had a lip augmentation procedure in 2000 ( 9years ago), was told the material injected was "bovine collagen".

My lips look asymmetric and contain multiple nodules that are very visible from the superficial layers of the lips. I do not know if these are granulomas or what. I would like to fix this problem already since it is really affecting my self-esteem.

I would not recommend bovine collagen injections for lip augmentation. I was told it was a temporary augmentation but I have had side effects for the past 9 years. My lips are completely disproportionate and there are nodules (granuloma-like) at the surface of my lips.

I had the procedure done to have sexier, fuller lips and have regret it ever since......

What can I do to fix my lips and remove the nodules?
Image plus aesthetic skin center Miami Fl

I had it done in a spa by an aesthetician

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