The Sides of my Face Looks Like Ginsu Practice Warfare - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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I did it to look younger. Florida the statute of...

I did it to look younger. Florida the statute of limitations to sue is 2 years. Unfortunatley I have 1 month left & lawyers saying not enough time.

The procedure was 2 hours. Parts of my face still numb yet while cutting around the second ear I felt them cutting me. It felt like they were using a scissor. They told me they were almost finished. The local anestisia was a real joke.

I have very noticable scarring and discoloration. You can see where they cut up around & down my ears. I still have itching - oh they didn't even attach my ears Back right.

The place was mobbed & they like to keep potential patients separate & away from returning patients. Since I can't name the place I will tell you this. You can see the building from I-95 near cypress exit. They are in the alpine motors jaguar building.

I can never again wear my hair i'm a ponytail - the scars are even around the hairline in the back of my head. And I also have a matching lump on both sides back there.

One dr. Was from my hometown of Staten Island New York. He told me don't worry he would take good care if me. So I had a false confidence in him.

You get what you pay for! Ignore those bullshit commercials & get yourself a private plastic surgeon!

Dr frank catalfumo - lifestyle lift

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