So Much Money, So Much LASTING PAIN, Results Are Nil

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I had this 19 months ago - there is no improvement...

I had this 19 months ago - there is no improvement - NONE, in the 'after' photos that they took at the 1 week post-op when they removed the stitches the face looks a little smoother, but that was the swelling, when the swelling went, the results went.

I paid extra for neck lipo - plenty of bruising, swelling (RN friend said they should have put in a small drain) and my result is my neck/jaw line looks uneven - but still saggy and jowly. I didn't have much sag or jowls to start, but I ended up with almost exactly what I started with, just lopsided now.

The procedure was horrifying. 1 valium and they started in within 5 minutes. I was never relaxed or sedated. The numerous shots in the face and ears were horrible.

The PAIN - 3 weeks of burning biting pain all around my ears and cheeks that woke me up several times per night, I even cried in my sleep from the pain. I had to prop up on pillows for over a month. The ace bandage around your head - forget it! It caused tooth grinding in my sleep (I have never had that) The pain around the ears like burning ant bites, with occasional shooting pains as a bonus, was daily for about a year before it began to subside. I still have pain when I wear sunglasses or wear my cell phone ear piece. I still get the occasional burning and/or shooting pains. I now have lumps in front and in back of my ears so I had to grow my hair longer to cover my ears all the time now.

Yes, I called numerous times. I only got to see the doctor once after the surgery and got the same answer as everyone else - wait 12 months. At 12 months, they would not make another appointment for me to come in. Real Professional - Professional shysters that is....

3 year follow up: As at the 19 month followup:...

3 year follow up:
As at the 19 month followup:
No visible results except lopsided appearance to my jawline that was not evident before (all faces are a bit assymetrical, but this is lopsided).
I still have lumps and shooting/burning pain around my ears and have trouble wearing sunglasses. Because of the lumps around my ears I will never be able to wear short hair or pull my hair back from my face.
It feels like I have little BBs under the skin in front of the ear, with the bulky lumps behind the ears.
The "Pixie Ears" of the ear lobes are a dead give away that 'something' was done to my face.
(look at any tabloid issue about bad plastic surgery, and it will show the Pixie Ears")

I am so sad that I did not go to a REAL Plastic Surgeon and spend the money on a 'real procedure'.
3 years later, I still regret this, and suffer from pain and discomfort.
I wish I had my money back.
The terrible memories of the procedure still haunt me.

NEW AFTER EFFECT - I now have Trigeminal Neuralgia...

NEW AFTER EFFECT - I now have Trigeminal Neuralgia - caused the the heavy scars.

Trigeminal neuralgia is horrifying pain -
and now I have to take heavy
anti siezure medicine 4 times
a day to try to control the neuralgia.
The medicine is ruining my life, my energy,
my personality.

Imagine every tooth in your
head hurting in sharp pain at the same time,
and electric shocking pains shooting along your
face, ears and up your head.---- that is trigeminal
neuralgia. absolutely debilitating and devasting.

It is now on both sides of my face and my family
doctor says it never occurs on both sides, and the only explanation has to be the bulky scars from this proecedure are now causing pressure around the trigeminal nerves.

The nickname for trigeminal neuralgia is 'suicide disease' because the pain is so over powering and horrible.

Anyone else having trigeminal neuralgia?
(at first because your teeth hurt, you try a dentist, and orthodontist, but it is far more than the teeth) You need to see a neurologist.

6 year follow up - the horror continues..... SIDE EFFECTS ARE SERIOUS AND PAINFUL AND LASTING

6 years later, I still suffer pain and scars from my LSL procedure. I agree with Chrystal - I wouldn't do it again even if it were free.
THE BONUS SIDE EFFECT: TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA (Look it up, it is nicknamed the suicide disease) CONTINUES on EACH side of my face! Doctor says it NEVER happens on both sides, so he says it has to be the scarring from the LSL procedure (I finally, totally embarrassed, admitted to him that I had had). 3 YEARS LATER, I still to take anti-seizure drugs every single day to try and control the episodes. Look up the side effects from those medications. In the politest terms I can say on online - it sux.
As I re-read my original post about the procedure - the horrible memories and sensations came back - the shots, the burning flesh, the lack of compassion and lack of sedation.
Please - if you are considering LSL, Lifestyle Lift, - go see a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in faces/facelifts - ask them to evaluate you for the procedure, and what is realistic for you and what isn't. THEN, ask them what they think of the LSL.
One plastic surgeon that I went to see, told me he had seen 7 patients in the last 3 months, all with very botched LSL procedures that all needed corrective procedures to try to fix. BOTCHED eyes seemed to be a very common problem, followed by bad scarring, swelling, infections, uneven results, & very poor results.
The one good thing - after 6 years, I no longer notice how lopsided my face looks.

Most are NOT in a Certified Medical Facility or Surgical Facility --- that is NOT GOOD.

6 years later, I still suffer pain and scars from my LSL procedure.
As I re-read my original post about my experience DURING the procedure the pain-filled weeks afterwards, the entire painful NIGHTMARE came back, the numerous shots in the face, the sounds, the smells (burning flesh), and the long painful recovery - all for BAD RESULTS.
If you or someone you love is considering LIFESTYLE LIFT - GO SEE A BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON that specializes in faces/facelift. Get a real evaluation of what can be done, and how long the recovery will be. Ask the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon what he/she thinks about LSL. ALSO - go to a certified medical facility, surgical center or hospital. Now that I know what could have happened during all of those shots (that thankfully ONLY caused my arms and hands to tremble uncontrollably), I feel fortunate, I did not have a medical emergency happen in their office - which is just an office - in an office building - with software firms, insurance companies, and consulting firms - not one medical practice of ANY KIND in the entire building EXCEPT LSL. I may be giving them too much street cred by referring to them as any type of 'medical practice'.

How will history view the decade of the 'Lifestyle Lift'.......

Years from now I think LSL will be a case study in Medical Scams, like the old old ads selling tape worms as a 'modern method' for weight loss from the 1920's.

LSL abruptly closes 50 centers across the country and considers bankruptcy March 2, 2015

If they file for bankruptcy - there will be no money for settling any current or future claims against them. After years of ruining the lives of their trusting customers, they now ruin the lives of their employees.

Wall Street Journal article:

NY Attorney General Cuomo called the company’s business practices, “cynical, manipulative and illegal.”

As of Monday, Lifestyle Lift is only providing some post-operation checkup procedures.

Lifestyle Lift came under scrutiny back in 2008, when it engaged in a he-said, she-said lawsuit battle with online review site RealSelf.

The company sued RealSelf claiming trademark infringement after consumers posted negative reviews about their experience with the less-invasive facelift procedures. RealSelf subsequently countersued asserting the surgery center posted fake reviews to lure in more business.

The back-and-forth led to an investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office. In 2009, then-attorney general Andrew Cuomo announced Lifestyle Lift would pay $300,000 and stop publishing fake reviews.

At the time, Cuomo called the company’s business practices, “cynical, manipulative and illegal.”
Dr Dahiya at Reston Office

Poor procedure, no sedation, lots of pain during and after, no follow up care, no real results except pain, lumps around the ears and a lopsided jaw line, lack of follow up with medical staff, would not give follow up visits. Offered to 'fix' the results for another $7000.

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