Dissatisfied in Denver - LSL Fiasco

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I had wanted to have a facelift for some time. I...

I had wanted to have a facelift for some time. I went to several consultations and finally decided on LSL. I wish I had known about realself prior to my surgery. I decided on a lower facelift, chin lipo and upper and lower eyelids.

My procedure was scheduled for noon on 1-16-09. I arrived and was taken to the room. The technician took my blood pressure. She was concerned because it was 188/120. I was really surprised it had been pretty normal for months. I waited to speak to the Dr. about whether to reschedule when my BP was lower. The Dr. came in, never said anything to me about the BP, but handed me 2 pills and said it would help with my BP. I wasn't told what I was taking but it knocked me out.

I awoke to him finishing up my right side, he had already done my chin and the left side. I felt him injecting the anesthetic into my brow area as he began working on my eyes. It was not pleasant. I could smell the flesh burning as it was being cauterized. As he finished my eyelids, I could feel a lot of pressure on my left lower jaw area. Apparently, a blood vessel had burst and the lower left side of my face was filling up with blood. He had to open up the sutures, sop up the blood and find the leak so he could stop it. I could feel the blood on my throat and chest. I was writhing in pain, but he said he couldn't give me any more anesthetic because he had already used the allotted amount. It was excruciating! I was trying to lie still because I did not want anything worse to happen, but I did kick my legs a lot. I was so worried about bleeding to death in that chair. There is no emergency equipment in those rooms.

He finsihed up and they wrapped me up. He explained to me that he had to put a drain in behind my left ear to allow for fluids to escape and to avoid more swelling.

It was after 5PM when I left the clinic. My friend who picked me up overheard the doctor saying he hadn't even had time yet to eat lunch and he had more surgeries to go.

Photo Update

Dr. Yang

There is no way I could have gone back to work immediately after this procedure. It took 5 hours! Do it on your lunch hour my ass. The swelling and bruising was horrendous. I took a week off and had the procedure on the first day. Most of my face was a deep purple for two weeks. I work in a kids' store and was concerned about scaring them with the condition of my face.

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