2 Years After my Liftstyle Lift and I Still Have Nightmares

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Initially I spoke with a young lady. She answered...

Initially I spoke with a young lady. She answered some questions looked at my face and said OH DEFINITELY this is what you need!! I was in my 40's. My neck had absolutely NO crapeing or sagging of any kind. I actually was there to inquire about a "reshaping" of my jawline. Thought I might be better off with a chin implant. NO NO NO she says this is the thing for you!!! Plus you'll get liposuction under your chin and you'll look like a million bucks! Sign here....

So the day comes and I walk in and the people behind the desk didn't even look up. Had to go over and ask if I was in the right place. Sure didn't look like a doctor's office. But hurray! I sure was in the right place. Have seat...for 45 mintues. Finally I get summoned into a room where another girl comes in and takes some before pictures saying they'll take another once procedure is done. This should be FUN! Before and After Yay.

Here comes the doctor. He's cute. Young and looks clean enough. He looks at my chin and sides of my face and says, "What results were you looking for?" Uh oh red flag. If he doesn't know then why am I here. I said I wanted more definition in my jawline. He said...here it comes...."You need a chin implant!" Something he said he could definitely talk to me about! I thought well great I'll just leave and make another appointment to discuss implants and that will be that. But in his next breath he says "So follow me..here we go!

Huh? Still going to do this procedure on me are you? Ok well you're the doctor I guess I'll just be a lemming and follow you right along. And unfortunately I did.

After about 100 SCARY painful shots around the entire parameter of my head there I was. Tears pouring down my face and finally somebody comes with a tissue to wipe them away. And the cutting begins. There's a reason you should be asleep during these things. You can feel and hear the cutting and tearing of the tissue and it's SCARY AS HELL. At one point I feel an intense sting and say OUCH! Another shot and they continue. Then suddently he's pulling what I assume is a muscle from my belly button up to my temple and stapling it in place. That really HURT! Oh yeah you bet it did. And I still had to have it done on the other side! Mommy!

I can't even believe I sat there through that whole experience.

Finally it's over and they put a huge bandage around my head and send me out the door. That's it. See ya wouldn't wanna be ya. My son came to pick me up and I collapsed in his arms. I literally almost fainted. Not only could I NOT go back to work he had to take 3 days off to take care of me.

Now mind you I really didn't experience any after procedure pain. The pain from those shots was more than enough. I was just nauseated beyond belief and sick at realizing what I'd just let somebody to do my face.

Worst experience of my life. I'll never have another thing done to my body that isn't abolutely necessary.

Came the day to remove the stitches and where's my after picture? I was to bruised from top of head to chest to have one take and this was 1 week later. Swollen and bruised and looked like I'd fallen off a 10 story building and felt like it too. Oh yeah and there's the tell tale scar that peeks out from below my left ear. That's always nice.

When I walked into the office there were clients there waiting to go in. They looked at me and 2 of em got up and walked out. The fear in those eyes was something I'll never forget.

So in conclusion I spent 4,000 for something I DIDN'T NEED even according the the doctor who did the procedure. Bunch of money hungry fiends who'll do whatever it takes to convince you this is what you need! Please don't do it.

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