Latisse = Luscious Lashes! First Time Trying Lash Growth Products - Minneapolis, MN

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So I have never used any kind of lash growth stuff...

So I have never used any kind of lash growth stuff before (i.e. revitalash, jan marini). I got Latisse about 2 months ago and have been since blown away.

I applied the first 2-3 times with the sterile brushes and then into the garbage they went. I went and bought myself a cheapy eyeliner brush and have just been using that with no problems yet. I applied every night before bed for the first month and now i am doing it every 2-3 nights just to make it stretch. so far i haven't noticed any different between using it every night or every other, so i will continue maintaining this way.

I am kind of non-compliant when it comes to wearing my contacts during application, but i haven't had any issues yet so i will just continue doing it. the only real "side effects" i have had were bloodshot eyes now and again and that really doesn't bother me at all.

My eyelashes rock and I couldn't be happier with the results. I am hooked on Latisse for life!

I am disheartened to update this post by saying...

I am disheartened to update this post by saying that a Dr. in California stole my picture and is using it on his website without authorized use. So therefore I am deleting my picture. Some people have no shame...


Dr. Victoria Hagstrom

Explained all possible complications and side effects. Gave me realistic expectations.

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