Negative Results After Pixel CO2 Resurfacing

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I am 2 weeks post Pixel CO2 laser resurfacing. I...

I am 2 weeks post Pixel CO2 laser resurfacing. I had originally researched active fx for some acne scarring on my upper cheeks and chin and to improve texture and some enlarged pores.

A well known dermatologist and family friend had the Pixel CO2 said that it was similar to the other fractional CO2 lasers and that it was very good for acne scars. I specifically asked if anyone had ever had a negative outcome and if there was anyway that I could look worse after this treatment - I was given an overwhelming no.

2 weeks post I still have the marks/grid pattern on my skin giving it a very uneven texture - is this normal, she did not warn me of this. If it persists is there any other treatment that can make them go away? ALso I now have new indentations in my skin ranging from extremely shallow enlarged pore type things to a complete rolling look along my left cheek. I had not had concerns for the part of my cheek that now has the bad rolling appearance.

It would be one thing if a) i looked exactly the same or b) the depressions that were already there appeared deeper but to have a whole new load of problems that LITERALLY have changed the look and texture of my skin/face is too much for me to bear. Is it possible that as collagen rebuilds this look could subside?

Now to my other important questions: Has anyone had success correcting a bad laser job with another laser job (for example if I had active or deep fx with another "better" derm)? Would my skin texture be easier to correct because it wasn't actually from acne scars?

I have written to the derm who did this multiple times detailing my concerns. Each time she has written back it is OK, it will heal beautifully, and that there is no way that it could look worse than before. I have a follow-up with her next week and am looking for advice on how to approach the situation. As of now I am way too self-conscious to see anyone and cant imagine living my life looking this way. To get me through prior to possibly getting another treatment in a few months could a filler help with the rolling look and increased depressions? How do I discuss the fact that there are negative results without offending the derm so she actually wants to help me? If she actually admits that it looks worse should I expect my money back or no - i am unsure what the protocol for this is.

Thank you for your time.

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