White Scars from Laser Burn - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Laser hair removal. My first few treatments were...

Laser hair removal. My first few treatments were amazing. Loved the results, left me smooth and almost hairless. My last treatment however was very painful and burnt my leg leaving me with white circular scars all over looking like fish scales.

I had laser hair removal and it left white circular scars (the shape of the laser head) all over my leg. Looks like fish scales. The laser burnt my leg and left blisters and scabs that soon went away. I am hispanic, with medium brown skin. I have gotten these white scars before but they were very vague and went away within a week. These are just not going away.

What are my best options for creams or treatments? And approximately how long do these white scars take to heal? Appreciate it.

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My legs are "scarred" and got burnt

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