Post Treatment Pimples and Whiteheads

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I used to have very coarse hair on my bikini line,...

I used to have very coarse hair on my bikini line, thighs and legs and very bad in-growths as well--I couldn't shave or wax. I also has coarse hair on my chin and noticeable hair on upper lip and about 4-5 thick , isolated hairs growing on my neck.

I first went to a doctor who said that Alexandrite laser was good for my skin (that was the only machine he had). Alhtough I had only villous hair on my cheeks and side burns, he used the laser on my whole face. My first treatment went okay except for that I had bruising on my bikini line which faded away in a month. The hair in all areas didn't grow back before the next session. HOwever, After the second session, I had multiple train- track bruising on my thighs and bikini line (although he was using a very low strength). After the second session, the doctors machine broke and I had to wait for a couple of months for the 3rd session. I started to notice that the the marks that the bruising left behind were still there after months and that my cheeks and neck had excessive hair (not thick but markeldy noticeable) growing which was never there before. I had more hair on my left cheeck than my right cheek.

I decided to look for another laser clinic and found a really good place that uses Nd YAG laser. This is my third session at the new place, and I am really happy with the results. The people at the clinic are really professional. I have had no bruising what so ever. The aesthetician said that she would try to fix my facial hair too, and I am quite happy so far with the results on my face too. The only problem is that I have been getting too many pimples on my face when the hair starts falling off. I also am concerned about the marks that I got from my bruising which haven't afded away even after 6 months.

I have been getting pimples (incl.3-4 deep ones) and whiteheads on my cheeks and neck- at the time when my hair is shedding. Almost all the dried pimples and whiteheads that I squeezed out had a hair trapped in it. My skin look bad now and I am thinking of using a 15% glycolic peel to help resurface my dead skin. I have used 10% glycolic peel which worked wonders for me but I want to know if I could use a peels in between laser hair removal. My sessions are spaced at 5 week intervals.

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They are very professional and very reasonable compared to most other clinics. The aesthetician is also certified to train as well. The place is a very small spa, but their work ehitcs are really good. The y took time to explain teh procedure and also offered free patch test. They didn't push me to sign up for any packages but instead gave me a really good deal for each session.

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