Laser Hair Removal Injured My Face

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I had laser hair removal on my entire face.After...

I had laser hair removal on my entire face.

After treatment 13 I noticed my skin appeared thinned in areas. The PA (being supervised by a dermatologist) told me that the thinning was either my imagination or natural changes with age. I trusted her so I continued.

After treatment 16 my face and neck were wavy. About two months later the waviness began to change to my skin collapsing in. Doctors confirmed that most of the fat and skin density in my face in now gone. The collagen hardened and tightened all across my face. My once fat chipmunk cheeks now indent, the fat is gone. My temples indent. My jawline looks abnormal and uneven. The skin on my forehead is paper thin and is sore when touched. These changes are permanent.

I recommend that people don't get laser hair removal on your face but if you do and you see any changes to your skin...stop right away.

Grand Rapids Dermatologist

I told the PA that I saw changes in my skin and she told me it was my imagination or normal. However, treatment 14-15 she skipped the area along my jaw where I saw the skin thinning. During the last treatment I complained that it didn't feel really hurt. She told me to tough it out. Now my face is ruined. She should have stopped treatment once I told her I noticed it was changing my skin. Also, once the damage was done, I saw the supervising dermatologist She was confrontational, rude,and refused to examine my skin. I had to go to the Mayo Clinic to get confirmation as to the damage to my skin.

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