PCA Chemical Peel/Hydro-dermabrasion for Acne Breakouts

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8 days ago I had a hydro-dermabrasion treatment...

8 days ago I had a hydro-dermabrasion treatment with a PCA power peel containing I believe the following ingredients:

Alcohol Denat
Lactic Acid
Salicylic Acid
Kojic Acid
Citric Acid

Post treatment I had typical side effects (minor peeling, drying, etc.) but by the 5th day my skin was no longer peeling. I went back yesterday for a follow up visit and my aesthetician said everything was looking good and we scheduled my next treatment for 2 weeks from now.

I am a 23 year old female doing these treatments because my skin has in the past 3 months been breaking out more than it ever has and I was told a hydro/micro-dermabrasion treatment would help. I do not by any means have chronic acne, but because I am not used to my skin breaking out much at all I am very sensitive about its appearance.

I realize it will take at least 3-6 treatments to get the results I am looking for, but I thought it was worth a try.

After 1 treatment 8 days ago:

pro: cleared up prior large breakouts

con: still got smaller new breakouts

Stupidly, I went tanning today (8 days after my first and only treatment) before researching online about NOT tanning after chemical peels, and I'm wondering exactly how bad tanning today was? I am not burned and my face is not even pink, but mostly I am concerned about any negative effects it might have on scarring or discoloration? Obviously I won't be going tanning again, but could anyone tell me how detrimental my tanning decision today could possibly be? Is there anything I can do to counteract any possible effects tanning today had? Lastly, IS there a "safe" way to maintain a tan while doing treatments, or is it pretty much a no go? Is spray tanning safe or does that have negative side effects as well? Thank you for your help and consideration.
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My aesthetician is very nice and helpful. She explains every step during the peel/hydro-dermabrasion process so there are no surprises with possible discomfort or side effects after the treatment. Wants you to come back weekly for quick check up's which makes me feel she is genuinely concerned about my skincare results and needs.

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