Jabba the Hut Puffy Eyes After Botox for Glabella Region

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I recently went to my provider, a prominent...

I recently went to my provider, a prominent plastic surgeon in the area for treatment of the glabella region only. He also treated the "Charlie Gibson" horizontal line over my nose which is not that prominent but there. I have had this done by him many times before with excellent results. Usually I wait about 6 months between treatments but wanted to look good for my nieces wedding so was retreated at 3-1/2 months.

When I was injected this time I noticed the shots were extremely painful and he seemed to put more botox in the line over my nose. The night of the treatment I could not get to sleep at all and my eyes were actually hurting -- felt very dry and grainy. When I looked in the mirror the next morning I noticed a decided pouch under each eye that I definitely did not have before. My eyes themselves looked irritated red and beady. Over the next three days my eyes grew progressively worse -- the under eye pouches became huge, baggy and very wrinkly and the fat pad above the inside corner of each eye bulged out. My eyelids were also dropped -- my eyes are normally quite wide and large -- now they looked slightly closed and definitely smaller. They were also dry and uncomfortable -- I was using eye drops constantly.

Five days post botox treatment my eyes looked more puffy than ever. Upper eyelid was noticeably drooped and I had huge wrinkly elongated bags under each eye.

Alarmed, I phoned my doctors office only to find he was out for a couple of weeks but his associate would see me that day.

I went in looking for some help or at least compassion and admission that a the botox had gone wrong. Instead, the associate (who does only body work -- no face work) completely blew me off. He admitted my eyes looked very puffy but said it could not possibly be from the botox. I maintained that I believed the botox had seeped into the muscle surrounding my eye causing the puffiness and the fat pads to bulge. He said that could not happen because I had not had my crows feet treated and suggested perhaps I had eaten soy sauce or had an allergic reaction to something. He recommended I see a doctor and ask for "water pills". When I told him I take lasix every day he replied, well I guess that will not help then, sorry hope it goes away but it is not from the botox.

I am absolutely furious not only for my very bad result but especially for the shabby way I was treated -dismissed with little more than an afterthought. I examine my face everyday -- I know I did not have bulging puffy wrinkly eyes before the botox injections. I did not "eat soy sauce" or have an allergic reaction to something else. My baggy wrinkling puffy eyes were definitely the result of the botox injections I had received five days before.

I am sick of these doctors who are so willing to take your money but completely unwilling to take any responsibility when things go terribly wrong. I plan to go back to see the doctor who injected me when he returns from his trip but he too will probably take no blame for the hideous way I look and blow me off as well. It is going to take months for me to return to normal -- if ever and I am just sick about it.

Jabba the Hutt - Nearly Five Years Later -- Back to Normal -- After Surgery

I am the Chloerose who posted this review in August 2009. I updated my review by adding a comment but am also posting an 'update' because some may not see the comment. For all of those who want to know if it ever got better. Yes and no, it did get better but my eyes never looked they way they did before. I developed noticeable eyelid ptosis and herniated fat pads in the medial region (next to my nose). The more wrinkly skin under my eyes stayed more wrinkly, and I developed deep tear troughs. As I said there was SOME improvement but what really happens is, over time, you become accustomed to your "new normal" even though it is not normal at all. In October 2013 I underwent an upper and lower bleph to correct the lid ptosis and herniated fat pads. There were issues with that procedure requiring an in-office revision but nearly a year and a half later, I can say that I got a very good result. So ladies (and gentlemen) the answer for me at least was that the botox damage was permanent and required extensive surgery to correct. I will also admit that I did do botox again after the August 2009 debacle and on two occasions there were issues just not a serious as those that prompted this post. As others have said, it is a crap-shoot and some people (like myself) seem to be more prone to problems than others. Be very very careful who you let inject you and never let anyone other than a board certified PS, Ocu-PS or Dermatologist. But even if you do your due diligence, you can end of with a very bad result which will take many many months to recover from. Don't do botox unless you really really really need it.
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