Just Had Sculptra. So Far So Good - London, UK

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I've had my first treatment. I'm doing one...

I've had my first treatment. I'm doing one vial at a time so I can monitor it. I was told I'd need two maybe three vials. My doctor was very good. He really emphasized the "massaging".

He says its VERY VERY VERY important. I had under my eyes and around my temple done. I lost volume in my cheeks and my eyes looked droopy and baggy. I had developed a "sad" look.

I noticed a little lump on my left temple but when I got home I sat in front of the mirror and gave the areas done a good massage, paying close attention to the lump. I massaged it until I felt it looked smooth. I spent longer than 5 minutes massaging the treated areas.

My doctor said massaging is good. I wasn't in danger of 'over massaging'. I'll massage through out the day. Maybe not too intense. I'll just keep an eye on it to make sure no lumps are forming.

I like the way I look now but I was told this is mostly swelling and that I won't see real results until the 2nd or possible 3rd vial is injected. He said I might be able to get away with 2. He said the way I look with the swelling is a good indication of what it will look like when all is done. If that's the case, I'm very pleased. I look fresher and younger, just a bit of redness from the needles, but very good. The needles were uncomfortable for a couple of seconds. Nothing major...a bit 'pinchy'. Very brief. I'll keep massaging and monitoring.

So far I'm very pleased. I look great, not surgeried, just rested and younger. I'll wait until treatment is over before deciding if it was worth it. I'll try to put some pictures up too, just of the areas.

I'm still seeing the result of the Sculptra...

I'm still seeing the result of the Sculptra after all this time. It looks very good BUT- I'm still massaging/smoothing out the area. I find if I don't carry on'smoothing out' little lumps seem to form.

I had a little lump form under one eye and I was worried but as I kept smoothing out it went away. This only happened under one eye. The other was fine. No problems at all.

Seems the 'smoothing' never stops but that's ok with me. I still look great and I haven't been back since my last session in 2009.

Doctor Miles Apthorp

My doctor was very knowledgable and experienced. That's half the battle. He spent time studying my face and disuaded me from doing things he thought were not necessary. I trusted him.

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