$11,000! Did I Get Gouged? Plus Very Inconvenient.

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I'm paying $11,000! I wish I'd gotten braces...

I'm paying $11,000! I wish I'd gotten braces instead.

I have a terrible time removing the invisalign braces - it's a painful struggle. Plus I have to take them out every time I want a cup of coffee or a diet soda? And brush my teeth before putting Invisalign in again? Geez, for the money, you'd think Invisalign would be more convenient.

Putting these braces in is a big deal. The orthodontist had to apply little "knobs" on my teeth to hold the braces. That's not bad, but then he scraped and buffed them down, and that hurt. Took a long time, too - occupied most of the hour-and-a-half I was sitting in that chair.

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I think I got gouged on the price.

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