Radiesse Injected Under Eyes Ruined my Face

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I went in just to have my marionette lines around...

I went in just to have my marionette lines around my mouth filled. The doctor I was seeing brought up the idea that I had a sunken area under my eyes that would look much better filled in. I had never even noticed it before.

I stopped her after she started injecting under my eye, because I said I only bought 2 syringes and wanted to address what I came in for. So she only did the one eye and then it ended up swelling horribly! She hit a 'blood vessel" she said which can happen sometimes.

Well, its been over 4 weeks and I am still dealing with this deformity on my face. It's was like a big wet teabag on my face and it made me look much older. Thank god, I didn't do both eyes. Now I do my research and see it is not recommended for under the eye area. Well, why did she do it???? Don't doctors have to abide by the recommended course for use? She had me sign something leaving her un-responsible for any discomfort or reaction I may have so shes has her money and she is in the clear.

She did give me a prescription for Pregnisone that I got to pay for, to help lower the swelling after I called and complained, but its been a very slow process. The swelling has gone down but I have a teaspoon size red patch under my eye that's really hard to cover up. I so regret it.

The other areas she injected by my mouth have a subtle improvement and had no bad reaction. If only she didn't take it upon herself to just inject it under my eye. I don't know what to do, I really feel victimized and without recourse. Anyone think I should ask for some of my money back?

I had Radiesse injected under my right eye.. I...

I had Radiesse injected under my right eye..

I had this done on May 8th, 2009, and I still have a swelling on under my eye on July 15th, 2009. Really ruined my face.

I have been calling Sales Reps and my Doctor, but no one wants to know about bad news.

Hello again, here I am 16 months later and STILL...

Hello again, here I am 16 months later and STILL have a bag under my right eye. The bag has deflated a bit but the skin was stretched out and has aged more than the other un-injected side. Thanks to Dr M of Scottsdale, AZ, who injected me even though I did not ask for the under eye area, she just thought it should be done while she was doing my Nasio-label folds. I stopped her after one eye, saying that's not what I came here for, but the damage was done. Just makes me so MAD that these Doctors get away with it and no one cares because that can make money on the next stupid girl that comes along. You can complain all you want, make all the calls you want and report to any organization with an 800 number but no one will do anything. Watch Out For Yourself! Don't do get Radiesse. It's not worth the chance that you will be deformed.

Dr. Elisa Mashal

Because she used a filler in an area where it was not recommended to be used.

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