IPL...loved the Results on my Face, Neck and Chest After a Week

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It has been a week since I did IPL on my face,...

It has been a week since I did IPL on my face, neck and chest. I had my face done appox. 18 months ago and had great results so I wanted to duplicate that on my very freckled, sun damaged neck and chest.

This time i chose a med spa for the procedures. I checked all the references, visited the spa and talked to the nurse practioner who would do the procedure. I asked to see before and after pics and how many times she had done IPL. After, I scheduled the IPL. They were running a special but i only signed up for one.

The procedure is painful. I did not get any numbing cream(first time I did)and i would definately get it for any further treatments. For the first 3 hours after the treatment your face and chest are on fire. I put ice packs on my face and chest. The chest really hurt as the sun damage was more. The more sun damage the more pain. I was told that the melanin in your skin absorbs the light thus the pain. I also took a couple of tylenol and carefully put on lots of moisturizer and the Vit C cream I bought. Anything touching the area is uncomfortable so a loose shirt and no bra. I slept ok but by the morning the my chest and neck had brown and black dots (EXPECTED) and still sore. My face did not have much change expect for few spots but the skin was red and raised. I did not exercise for a couple of days and have been diligent about covering it up (looks ugly anyway) and wearing SPF 45 sunsreen.

The first couple of days after my chest began to scab and became itchy. I put cortisone cream on it and it was fine. Day seven and my face and neck are almost healed (brown and blacks spots peeled off) but my chest still is healing. The dark brown spots that really bothered me on my neck and chest have lightened and the realy dark ones are still healing.

After 7 days i am thinking I would like to go another round on my chest but because my arms are the same I am afraid that the difference will be noticible. She said she could do my arms but I am a little leery after seeing what it did to my chest. I don't think I could endure the recovery on my arms.

Overall i love the results! I think anyone getting this procedure should be cautious. That laser is damaging in the wrong hands but i think that could happen in any MDs office or medspa. I also checked my local Better Business to see if any complaints had ben lodged against them.

Trueglo Medspa

Loved the cleanliness of the office. The staff are well informed and will answer all questions.

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