IPL Never Again!

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I had the procedure done over a time period. I...

I had the procedure done over a time period. I had atleast 3 to 4 different esthescians? do it each time. I thought I was getting a good deal @ 95.00 a session. However, the last treatment I had they raised the price on me to 125.00. That was after I had the treatment and was getting ready to pay. I had burn marks all over my face for about a week or two and then they would slightly fade. On about the 6th treatment I had started noticing a ring around my face. I went in for another treatment and brought it to her attention and she just said hmmm... I'm not sure why that happend, but it could not have been the chemical peel and left it at that. And now after that treatment the ring is still there and I have brown spots on my nose. What can I do?

I had IPL laser treatment done 6 to 7 treatments. I now have a red ring around my face and brown spots on my nose. Why did this happend and how can I correct it? All I was wnating to to do was to even out my skin tone and help the lines on my upper lip. Should I be looking into a lawsuit? Please advise.
Ann Webb

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