Don't Do It. Risk Too Great Even from an "Expert"

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Unless you have terrible rosacea and are at your...

Unless you have terrible rosacea and are at your wits end you must not have IPL. I simply had a few red veins and mild flushing, otherwise lovely skin (if only I had recognised it then!). Now I have dents, scars and holes all across both cheeks. I have been scarred for life by IPL. I urge NO ONE to have IPL (with or without RF) because the risk of being permanently disfigured are just too high. Check out plastic surgery forums to see how many people have been damaged by simple IPL. I regret every day having this treatment done. Every time I look in the mirror I am sickened. If this post can save another person from being SCARRED then it will have given some kind of sick meaning to this whole experience. And don't be fooled into thinking that having an experienced doctor will mean you won't be scarred. I had the best, and now forever more I will look in the mirror and see him leaning over me with his IPL device, scarring me for life. Ladies and gents IT IS NOT WORTH IT. You are beautiful as you are. Appreciate it and don't mess with nature unless you are at the end of your tether and can't live with the way you are.
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