How to Get Rid of Hypopigmentation After Dermabrasion - Ontario, Canada

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Pros: Not Worth it Cons: Very Painful Asian...

Pros: Not Worth it
Cons: Very Painful

Asian with dark skin had dermabrasion 7 months ago, no improvement at all. I wish that i didn't have the procedure. I blame myself for not doing enough research about the side effects.

Please help. My new skin is too white, it doesn't blend in with the old skin. I felt so terrible to go out in public because people would notice right away.

I would like to know if i should wait 2 years to see the end results or should get out under the sun everyday for 5 minutes now to get the pigments back. It's summer right now. If it's ok to go out under the sun, then should i use the sun block lotion because someone told me that the sun block lotion would prevent the cells to repigment the skin? If i have to avoid the sun totally then should i use the microdermabrasion to remove the top layers of skin to activate the new cells to bring back the pigments? Really appreciate your help alot.

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Asian with dark skin please be careful with dermabrasion because it may give hyperpigmentation or worst hypopigmentation.

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