Help I Am Worried I Have a Failed Tummy Tuck As I Still Have Some Loose Saggy Skin!

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My Tummy tuck was an overall good experience, 3...

My Tummy tuck was an overall good experience, 3 days in hosp and 2 weeks of soreness and swelling, soreness is now all gone except for when I sneeze (OUCH!) And I think most of the swelling is gone. I'm walking almost completely upright now just 3 weeks after surgery, scar is nice and low and runs almost from hip to hip, scars look like they are healing well except for a little section in the middle which is slightly infected which I'm treating.

I did this because I had excess skin after 2 children I am 5'1, 112LB's and 32 years old and in good health.

My question is that I am getting increasingly concerned as my swelling dissipates that I am left with what seems to be still some loose or saggy skin. The groin part (under and along insicion) is nice and tight and flat but just over the incision I have this lip of soft and still loose skin that leaves my lower part of my tummy pronounced, when I bend over this area still hangs down slightly and I am worried I have gone through all this surgery and upheaval to still have this soft saggy skin left!? Will this go away? Is it still some swelling? Is this to be expected 3 weeks after surgeon is on extended leave so I cannot contact him.
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He is away.

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