Just Had IPL for Broken Capillaries/redness on Face. So Far, So Good.

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I just had IPL form a derm to reduce broken...

I just had IPL form a derm to reduce broken capillaries and redness from sun damage/rosacea. It did hurt a bit. It felt like a tiny needle prick each time. The nose are was very sensitive. Might be worth the anesthesia if you are sensitive to pain.

It burned afterward for about 3 hours and looked like a bad sunburn. I applied ice pack to my cheeks off and on for first day. I slathered on Aloe Vera gel too. Second day now and I still have swelling and redness in some areas. Face feels like leather where treatment was. I also see some veins that are worse than before. I hope these go away after a few days.

I would never do this and try to go back to work. I think you need to have a few days off unless you don't care how you look to others.

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Dr Jones at Greensboro Dermatology

My doctor has been doing this for 10 years.

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