After 40 Years of Ridicule, Lost 160 Lbs with Gastric Bypass

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I had been obese my entire life. Every doctor...

I had been obese my entire life. Every doctor visit, regardless of reason also included conversation about losing weight. I hated it. I hated how I felt, I hated how people treated me and I hated myself. After 40 years of ridicule and constantly mounting health problems I began researching gastric bypass surgery. I researched for nearly 2 years while also switching insurance companies during an open season at work so I could use the surgeon of my choosing.

Everything I read about surgeons in my area directed me to a doctor at Bariatric Treatment Ctr. After my husband and I met with her I knew it was meant to be. I felt an instant sense of well-being with her, safe under her knife. She was very articulate and well-schooled, she had by then done more than 2000 surgeries with less than a 2% mortality rate.

I went through testing and was scheduled for 7/2/2002.

I've lost and kept off a total of 160 lbs. My weight fluctuates by 10 pounds but watching what I eat and getting back on track I'm able to maintain the weight loss.
Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

Gastric bypass has it's tradeoffs just like everything else in life. I lost weight and also ridded myself of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and high triglycerides. I picked up anemia, calcium and magnesium shortages. I can no longer eat a bowl of ice cream, I can no longer drink a bottle of "real" Pepsi and I can no longer enjoy a piece of birthday cake... what can I do? Get my butt in a size 8 pants, walk around an amusement park comfortably, get on rides and close the gate, wear a bathing suit without feeling like I'm busting the seams.

It's all in how you want to spend your life. You have to determine if it's "worth it" and the value is based solely on what is important to you, eating foods that aren't good for you or living. I choose living!

Dr. Patricia Choban

Excellent surgeon who did procedure at OSU prior to BTC. Now with Mid-Ohio at Mt. Carmel West. She's a peoples doctor. She talks to you like you're her equal, never down to you and NO BS. Shoots from the hip.

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