Two Down, One to Go - So Far Worth the Pain & Down Time

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I am 43, lost weight, stopped most every bad habit...

I am 43, lost weight, stopped most every bad habit I had (drinking, processed foods, etc.) and my face looked worse for it - it deflated, looked crepey, had wrinkles, etc. I blame the decade long bloat brought on by chemicals and salt for stretching out my skin and the lack of decent nutrition for causing the skin that was now deflated to lack elasticity, firmness, etc. Healthier yes, but I looked like Granny Clampett.

So, I did some fillers which I liked, but wanted to address the skin condition itself so I opted for Fraxel.

The first treatment had me in tears. I did it with only the topical numbing agent on my face, neck and chest - OUCH. I also had an abnormal downtime (swelling that lasted multiple days - not 1-2) and an excessive breakout. However, I was ready for the public in 1 week and, even with peeling and a scaly rough 'feel' to my skin that remained as I ventured out, I actually got compliments - a bit bizarre. By week 3, the skin was smooth again and, shockingly, one longtime surgical scar was gone from my neck, my chest was 100 percent improved (soft skin for the first time in at least 15 years) and the pores on my face were notably smaller.

Regarding my bad immediate reaction with the first session, I had a great team at the doctor's office who gave me some homeopathic supplements to pre-empt another bad immediate reaction prior to the second session that I just had today. They also gave me Valium and Demoral in addition to the topical anesthetic. The Demoral really helped TREMENDOUSLY with the immediate pain of the procedure itself as well as the burning that followed after my first procedure. They also gave me a prescription in case I start to have a breakout again (tetracycline-(sp)). I am anxiously awaiting the cumulative results after the 2nd. My last session is scheduled for 10/26.

I should note, my total cost of $3,600 is 3 sessions of 2 areas (face, neck and chest) at $600/area. I may do a 4th, but will wait to see - the doctor is pretty sure 3 should provide the results I wanted. They are recommending Sculptra to aid in increasing youthful volume once we are through with the series, but I am carefully reading the feedback here. I love the subtle results that occur - less 'puffy' than the fillers I tried before. THOUGHTS OUT THERE?

Anyway, so far, well worth it! Unless you have a strong threshold for pain, though, take the drugs!! Don't be a hero. I am one of the few that has actually seen any results in one treatment, so I would also offer up that you need to commit to the protocol advised by your doctor or not start it to begin with. It is too expensive to do halfway and you are almost assured not to achieve the results you want. If a doctor says you can in 1 non-ablative treatment, they are misleading you - I am just lucky (or had such bad skin anything was an improvement!! lol)

Will keep you posted - especially if my opinion changes!


QUICK CLARIFICATION - I HAD RESTORE!!:  I see this posted to Re:Pair and I am in the midst of the Re:Store series.  Re:Pair I believe is the 1 time treatment which I am clearly not doing.  I apologize if the placement of my entry has caused confusion - not sure how I got it in the wrong place!

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Good experience - honest communications - willingness to help after the fact, etc.

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