Fraxel Repair Nightmare

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I did fraxel repair for acne scars & sun...

I did fraxel repair for acne scars & sun damaged skin. It was extremely painful even after taking 4mg of xanax & 3 percocet(25 mg total)& they put on numbing cream . I have a high pain tolerance but it was horrible.

Swelling & burned skin was incredibly painful & emotionally traumatic. I felt like a burn victum taking care of my face every 2 hours--having to look at myself this way. I could not stop shaking & crying for the first 3 days.

Today is day #4 and I just noticed that the doctor lasered my eyelashes & hair around my face so half of my eyelashes are gone & all the hair around my face, bangs etc. The laser tech who i did the consultation with said she makes sure that doesnt happen when she is there with the doctor, but she was gone when I had my laser surgery done.

I had fraxel repair done 4 days ago. My doctor accidentally lasered my hair all around my face & now its gone and so are half of my eyelashes. Will they grow back? If not what can I do? This has been the worst 4 days of my life. Horrible experience so far with my face & now I have these others issues with the hair loss. Please help!
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They acted like this was going to be a walk in the park. No big deal. They didn't tell me how bad it was going to be or show me pictures of the patients while they were recovering. They only showed me some before & after pictures. Also, Now a may have no eyelashes & missing hair,bangs etc. that may never grow back.

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