Fraxel Restore Treatment for Fine Lines

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I just got another restore treatment for fine...

I just got another restore treatment for fine lines. My first was at 50/7 settings and we bumped this one up to 60/8. I haven't had any problems with pain. And no negative post treatment issues.

So here are my tips if it helps anyone:

Go to a physician who has lots of experience using the device. Don't go to a medi-spa or a Doctor who doesn't have much experience using the device.

DO go 1 1/2 hours early and have them apply the numbing cream and DO have them wrap your face in saran wrap. This will enhance the effectiveness of the numbing cream.

DO take meds; I had 800mg of ibuprofen, a 500mg vicoden/acetaminophen and a 5mg valium about 40mins before the treatment. Which didn't make me feel impaired at all-it just took the edge off and relaxed me. It also keeps the swelling down.

With Restore, the aftercare is pretty simple because there's no open wounds. But a good doctor will give you samples of mild cleanser and cream that's good for post procedure skin. Also, a physical sunblock with a tint is very good. Don't use a chemical sunblock or cream not designed for post-lasered skin.

But the #1 most important thing you can do is to go to an experienced physician and don't look for the cheapest medi-spa deal you can find.

UPDATE- 3 weeks out.  The recovery for this...

UPDATE- 3 weeks out.  The recovery for this treatment has basically been the same as the first one I did, which was actually a year and a half ago. I didn't go through a series at the time because I wanted to see the long term results before I moved forward. I also wanted to see what would happen with the Fractional CO2 devices being rolled out at the time. The CO2, even fractionalized,  is still just a little too serious of a procedure for me.

Anyway, 2 to 3 weeks out after this procedure is performed with the kind of settings I had, your skin just looks and feels incredible. I look a full 10 years younger right now. This is actually temporary. After the main swelling on your face goes down, there is still residual swelling in your skin that you can't see, and it just fills in every single fine line and flaw in your face. I know this will go away.  :(   But, my skin will still end up looking better than it did before the procedure. :)

I have had a little more lingering reddness in my skin this time around and I believe this is because they bumped up with the spot diameter setting.  It is my understanding that this setting is the one that influences how much temporary PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) you will have.  The first setting number represents the mJ (millijoules) or energy level, and the second setting number is the spot size.

I haven't decided yet if I will go through a series this time around. My only complaint with Fraxel Restore (Erbium Technology) is the cost of the procedure relative to the actual benefits you can achieve with it.  It's pretty expensive for the amount of change you can achieve. It is basically too expensive. And, this manufacturer designed their device so that disposible tips are required for the handpeice which makes it more expensive for Physicians to use. However; if you are a suitable canidate for the procedure, and have it performed in a very experienced Laser Physician's office, I believe this treatment is very safe. At least it has been for me.  The fractional CO2 treatments on the other hand, (Fraxel Repair, Deep FX) can apparently really produce some dramatic effects, but they are not as safe.




Correction-I just remembered, I think the second...

correction-I just remembered, I think the second setting number with the Fraxel Restore is for spot density. Anyway, it is supposed to be the setting that can influence PIH

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