Fraxel, in Conjunction with Fillers, Transformed my Face - Lithia, FL

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I am so excited with the results of the Fraxel. I...

I am so excited with the results of the Fraxel. I had this procedure in conjunction with fillers and it has transformed my face! I look a decade younger and my skin is so smooth.

It does hurt but it is pain that is bearable and is quickly forgotten. The after is no more pain than being hot from the sun.

How long after Fraxel (I have completed the three treatments and am waiting for three months before deciding on more) should I wait before beginnning on retonoids?

I have now finished six treatments. My skin is...

I have now finished six treatments. My skin is more youthful, no discoloration, no creepying! As a 47 year old woman who spend many hours in the sun, even my lip wrinkles have receeded and are no longer what you notice about my lips! I learned to stop taking Vitiamin E supplements a week before a treatment and use ice, and more ice for the first day!!! The treatments increse in intensity and a Vicodin and a Tylonel worked well to control the feeling of the pin and rubber band being flicked into you. Talking to the person administering the treatment helps take your mine off the session. My 20 year old daughter had three treatments for acne scars and she looks and feel wonderful about her skin! Everyone's skin and genetics reacts differently, I was a lucky patient.

To Greeneyes5( and all other curious for an...

to Greeneyes5( and all other curious for an update). I have now had 7 treatments with Fraxel, and several rounds of fillers. I am currently doing chemical peels and am very happy with all the results. I have an updated picture. At 48, I can still blend in with the 30 somethings...and NEVER would I have taken a picture so close up before!
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The people were wonderful and supportive.

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