Fraxel Restore--so Far So Good (Fine Lines Around Mouth & Age/sun Spots) - Gainesville, FL

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I am 3 days post my first Fraxel Restore laser...

I am 3 days post my first Fraxel Restore laser treatment. I am 60 yo with fairly good skin (genetics mostly) but I wanted to remove fine lines around my mouth and age/sun spots that did not respond to Obagi or other skin care.

I have had a very positive experience; everything was explained in detail and done professionally. I read everything I could find on Fraxel first; then chose a dermatology group that has their own aesthetic office in addition to their practice. The treatment was performed by a physicians assistant which is a licensed person on par with a nurse practitioner.

So far, no surprises; lots of redness and some swelling the first 48 hrs. That has subsided and now I have some peeling around my mouth and a general tight feeling to my face. I plan to have two more treatments. It's pricey ($1000 per tx) but I have saved up for this for a while and it's something I'm doing for myself.

What I did not know when I posted my first review...

What I did not know when I posted my first review is that I would break out in the mother of all herpes outbreaks on my upper lip about one week after the 1st Fraxel restore laser treatment. This was alleviated by taking an anti-viral medication (Valtrex) on the day of my 2nd treatment in December 2009. I did break out with very small pimple like areas on my face and I peeled a lot. I was red and puffy for two days afterwards and then quickly improved. My skin is very dry and sensitive to the point that I have postponed my 3rd laser treatment. I do not have any noticeable improvement except for very slightly diminished upper lip vertical lines. I have started using Obagi C-serum which really seems to help with the dryness.  I really thought  I did my homework before I started the Fraxel treatments. Now I am wondering, especially after reading the negative reviews, if I am going to get any improvement or if I have made my skin worse. I am really in limbo about going ahead with the 3rd and last treatment. I am confident that I chose a good practitioner; I just wonder if the whole Fraxel thing is just a lot of hype.

This is my dilemma--do you leave a gratuity for a treatment that costs $1000? Other services are performed there facials, peels, etc. that are performed by non-licensed persons and a gratuity is certainly appropriate. Help! I want to do the right thing.

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I am confident I am using a good practitioner

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