For Me Fat Grafting Definately NOT Worth the 4 Grand!

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Crooked, overfilled, bumpy. I was a good looking...

Crooked, overfilled, bumpy. I was a good looking woman that wanted some fat replaced over my previously high, fine cheekbones that I had lost. My cheekbones of course were still there but some of the fat of youth was thinned.

The doctor did not do anything we had discussed. I was completely overfilled in my now dumpy, low, chipmunk cheeks. I have a ridge in front where it was overfilled and then drops off now having a nasolabial fold there for the first time. I had a smooth relatively flat stomach.

Now I have dents all over my stomach where he took fat making it look lumpy like I am covered in cellulite. In actuality, I never had cellulite there, I have always had a taut tummy, and was so proud that I gave birth to a tremendous baby and never got stretchmarks.

But now... there are pieces pulled out all over my stomach instead of inconspicuously taken out, that looks like I was attacked with an ice pick 100 times! The pen where he marked and where the needle went in left me with a blue dot tattoo on my face, where he wiped the marker off over the entry hole, but marker went into the hole and healed over.

This has ruined my life, looks, self esteem, attitude and belief in doctors and due to my complete loss of confidence...and my relationships. I cannot stand how I feel when I wake up in the morning everyday and see myself in the mirror as I find myself unrecognizable!

Dr. Christian Drehsen | St. Petersburg Clinique Plastic Surgery

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