Horrible Experience I Would Never Do Again

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I had my face lift on March 13 and from the second...

I had my face lift on March 13 and from the second day on it has been a complete nightmare. The second day I could not even lift my head up my neck hurt so bad. I had to get a pill for pain that was stronger than the ones they first gave me. Then at the end of the first week I started throwing up and threw up for 10 hours straight and had to go to the er.

They let me go home but I was bed bound for 1 week and couch bound for 1 week. I was so ill I couldnt even stand up for any length of time and eating was out the question. I went from 113 pounds to 102. On top of all of this my left side exploded and it went from left ear all the way down my neck. I still have it and am still trying to cure it.

My own doctor looked at it and was shocked at what she saw and ordered me a med that would help to heal it. Why didnt my Plastic Surgeon order something?

They took a pretty woman and scared her. I suppose I look younger since they did my neck and lifted my eyes with a brow lift but right now I am so sick of trying to heal this stupid thing on my left side. I am going to Vegas in Sept for my grandaughter's wedding and I dont think it will be healed by then.

My daughter is going to be so upset when she sees my neck. She and her brother both told me not to do it but I was determined to do it.

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I had a miserable experience and wouldnt wish it on anyone.

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