Eyelid Surgery in Taiwan

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*Treatment results may vary

Pros: - Feel more confidence - To appear...


- Feel more confidence

- To appear more attractive to both myself and others


- pain involved in anaesthetics is unforgettable - My procedure didn't give me permanent double eyelids. It's the suture method where the string holds for 6-7 years.

- Having other people comment on how different I look. I don't want people to know I have had surgery. I did it to feel more confident. Look more traditianlly attractive. But now, i'm worried because I don't know how to live without it. I don't wish to fly back to Taiwan to perform the surgery once again. Really wish I chose the more permanent option of cutting.

What will I look like once the string does not hold up anymore? Will my double eyelid disappear? Also, I found a small, round, protruding bump on my upper eyelid medial to the nose. Is it because I rubbed my eyes too vigorously (due to allergies) that the string broke? Or is it a skin reaction? If so, how do treat it?

Name not provided

I do not remember my doctor's name. But he is a good one.

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