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In the summer of -07 I decided to have eyelid...

In the summer of -07 I decided to have eyelid surgery due to bags under my eyes and a slight hooding of my upper eyelid. The surgeon was very experienced and well known. I thought I was in good hands.

I asked for a very conservative approach in the upper eyelids. Less is more I said to the surgeon more than once and do NOT change the shape of my almond shaped eyes. That did not happen. He removed so much fat and skin that I could not recognice my eyes. My whole face changed because of this surgery.

I really did not need to touch the upper lids at all. The lower are fine, somewhat hollow but I can live with that. I found a great surgeon who has injected juvederm in the upper eyelids. The fullness is back but I am still in chock over what has happened to me and can not get used to this face. I am in therapy and suffer great depression. Did not know it all could go so wrong. Surgeon said it was so easy and never complications.

My question is to anyone and everyone: Is there a way to stretch the upper eyelid skin so that I can create a crease again. I would like to have some tissue back in this area, has anyone had a skin graft in the upper lid? All I want is to look like myself again. I regret this more than anything in my life. Can not accept this result and will look for a solution until I find one.

It has been a little over 3 years now since I had...

It has been a little over 3 years now since I had fillers injected into my upper eyelids. This was done to correct a botched eyelid surgery that was done -07. To much skin and fat was removed at that time from the upper lids, leaving my eyes looking really awful and I did not "recognize" myself any longer. The emotional pain was unbearable. My pretty eyes were gone!
I desperately searched for solutions to the problem and found that fillers were the answer for me.
I want to update you all in regards to what my results have been with the fillers I used. Dr Honeig in Beverly Hills CA, injected juvederm into my upper lids with care and skill. He restored my eyes beautifully, and still after 3 years it is looking really good and is very natural with nice full lids. My skin has also stretched from the fillers which is creating a small crease in the lid. it's looking better and better!
Finding a surgeon who is an expert on fillers in the eye area is VITAL! My self-esteem is back again and I have been able to move forward with my life from this horrible trauma. I hope this info will be of help to anyone in the same situation. There is a solution! :)
warmly, Goldilocks
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