You Get What You Pay For!!

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There are a lot of poor plastic surgeons out there...

There are a lot of poor plastic surgeons out there so it's not surprising that some people were dissatisfied. A woman I know wanted to save money although she's pretty affluent. She went to a doctor who charged only $3500 and he made a mess of her eyes. I do not believe in economizing on one's face. Wearing cheaper underwear is a better strategy. I went to a highly regarded surgeon and I got my money's worth.

Some years later I confided to a couple of dermatologists that I had had my eyes done. They looked closely and said it was the best job they had ever seen. You get what you pay for. The fees I cited are "all-in", hospital, anesthesiologist, etc.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

There are a lof of tricks to plastic surgery. It's not like an appendectomy. Some doctors can do the operation but have no artistic sense and it shows aferwards.

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