Vision Improved After Upper Eyelid Surgery

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I had upper eyelids "revised" because...

I had upper eyelids "revised" because drooping, fatty eyelids run in my family. My father had his upper lids done at age 75--because his upper eyelids had become so long and rumpled hee couldn't keep his eyes open wide enough to read without sleeping. So...when my left eyelid started drooping, a doctor recommended I have my lids done. I have some blindness in one eye, result of an accident, so I dragged my feet for a few years--until I realized I could scarcely hold up my left eyelid.

Appearance wasn't my goal--better vision was. I had lost 33% of my peripheral vision due to the eyelids drooping. One third! Before having it done, I read up on it, asked a lot of questions, and asked around about doctors. So, my experience was excellent although sometimes scary. The result is that my vision has improved dramatically-- I could see sky again! And far more light struck my eyes--excellent since I suffer from depression.

Some of the complaints in the negative reviews stem from lack of information.

Bruising: Eyelids are extremely delicate--comprised of many fragile skin layers in a very blood rich part of the face. So, of course you should expect bruising! (Your surgeon is cutting through your entire eyelid, making two incisions, removing a chunk of your lid, then stitching the remainder back together. Of course this will bruise.) Use the ice packs religiously afterward as instructed. It took 4 weeks until the last touches of my bruising were gone. But wow can I see better!

Lumps in, under, or outside on lid. Because the eyelids are layered and because the entire lid must be cut through, the layers can knit themselves back together in different sequences in different spots on the lid. (The inside will knit together first, or a center layer, etc... and it won't be the same even on the same lid.) This takes TIME. I had lumps and bumps and was very apprehensive at 4 weeks after surgery, even though I'd been warned. I'm now 10 weeks after surgery--all lumps are gone, as promised, and my eyelids very smooth. They are still very tender, but this too will vanish in time.

Circles under the eyes. These are caused by: genetics, allergies (including to common foods), poor sleep habits, and ill health. If you don't know you're sensitive to wheat, but keep eating wheat--you'll have circles under your eyes. Period. Many people are allergic or sensitive to milk, wheat, gluten, corn, sugar, and so forth--they'll have black circles as long as they eat these foods. Same for other exposures to irritating substances. We all know about sleep-- drink lots of water and get 8 hours a night, a solid 8 hours, and your health and appearance will improve. Then there's ill health: A dear friend of mine was thinking of having her eyes "done" about 20 years ago (she was turning 40 and thought she looked bad because of age, but before she had a chance to see a surgeon, she "strained a muscle in her back"--ie, suffered back pain--and it turned out she had bone cancer. Her darkened eye circles were the first sigh. She was dead in less than six months. So, before having surgery for circles under your eyes, check allergies, sleep, and your general health first.

I highly recommend this procedure, but it's not like getting a new hairstyle or having a crown put on a tooth. It's surgery--on very very delicate tissues!

Rochester Eye Clinic, Strong Medical, U of Rochester

Smoothly done, excellent clinic, excellent staff and support

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