Blepharoplasty on Both Eyelids & Levator Repair on Drooping Eyelid

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I recently had blepharoplasty surgery done on both...

I recently had blepharoplasty surgery done on both eyelids and levator repair on just my drooping left eyelid on October 1, 2009.

It is now October 14, 2009, I am 2 weeks post op and still have a drooping left eyelid. There is still some swelling mostly in the mornings but by mid-day my eye looks mainly like it did before surgery. At my 1 week post op appt I explained my concerns to my ps that I was afraid the surgery didn't work. She then told me there was no way it did not work because she attached what little bit of levator muscle I had to the tendon under my brow (not sure if I'm explaining this correctly) but nevertheless she calmed my fears. But now I am very depressed because I really feel like I'm going to end up looking like I did before after paying $3100 and waiting through the healing period (which seems like forever when you are walking around with one swollen eyelid looking worse than before).

I must say that if my end result is going to look like before surgery then I will not be satisfied. If my ps would have explained to me that the surgery may not work I could have expected this atleast but she never once said it was a possibility even after me bringing it up to her.

My question is if I look close to normal now and...

My question is if I look close to normal now and it is only 2 weeks does that mean my levator repair surgery did not work OR will my eyelid really change that much after the 2 week point. I really don't understand how it did not work..Can someone please explain to me...I have been searching all over the internet for before and after post op photos at the 2 week, 3 week and 6 week point but cannot find any to compare my eyelid too....PLEASE HELP!!!
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As of right now I would because she seemed very knowledgeable and was very compassionate.

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