Dysport First (And Only) Time - Around Eyes and Forehead

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Procedure: Dysport at a medspa near Seattle five...

Procedure: Dysport at a medspa near Seattle five days ago. First time for me. I was told that the doctor has been there for seven years.

Pro: My forehead is smooth

Cons: I now have what's known as "tear trough deformity", something I did not have before the procedure. When I smile (and I used to smile a lot) my cheeks bump into the troughs (making them very deep) and my "smile lines" go straight across my face. I look terrible.

Several family members and friends have asked what happened to my eyes. Even though they didn't know I had the Dysport done, they knew I looked weird. I am especially sad because I am now feel self-conscious when I smile. I am a teacher. My students deserve lots and lots of smiles.

I had Dysport applied to my forehead and around my eyes five days ago. On the second morning I awoke to a smooth forehead and large, deep, cresent-shaped indentations (I've since discovered they're called tear troughs) under my eyes. These were not there prior to the Dysport. Even worse, when I smile fully, my cheeks now slide up and bang into these trenches (making them extra deep) sending deformed "smile" lines straight across my cheeks. Not only do I look much older than before, I look weird. Did the Dysport migrate to the wrong muscles? What should I do now? The doctor at the spa wants to inject fillers, but I wouldn't dream of letting him near me with another needle. I suspect you'll tell me I have to wait for this to wear off. I've studied my face, and I truly believe the tear trough deformity will be permanent by then.
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