Discoloration, Lumps and Uneven Healing After Smart Lipo

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I had smart lipo 3 weeks ago to even out saddle...

I had smart lipo 3 weeks ago to even out saddle bags on the outer thighs. The procedure was ok. He only suctioned 300 cc for both the sides. My first feeling was that this amount taken was not really enough.

The recovery takes longer than expected. I am 3 weeks out and I still have uneven swelling and discoloration. The bruising is gone. But the area treated has darker colour to an extend that I cannot go swimming. It is too obvious that I had something done on the outer thighs.

Right now I am not sure that I have done the right thing. I also cannot see any difference in size. 300cc seems to be too low to make a difference on my upper legs.

I had smart lipo 3 weeks ago. The bruising is gone but I still have pain to the touch, numbness and uneven swelling and where the doctor entered the laser needles I feel some hard lumps and it shows on the outside. Is that what I feel as hard lumps scar tissue? Should I massage it to break it up? CAN I do something to even the area out? Does the uneven healing or swelling go away? Does the discoloration (darker skin colour) subside after a while or can that be permanent? Will the numbness go away or can it be permanent? Thanks for any feedback and answer.
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