Invisalign to Correct an Overbite

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I am on my 2nd day of liners. The first evening...

I am on my 2nd day of liners. The first evening was no big deal. The first day, I drank about 6 20oz containers of water. I have a huge amount of saliva and really can't stand it in my mouth, so I'm swishing and flushing with the water.

I have an urge to "grind" my teeth together, that seems to have somewhat subsided today. The edges on the tops seemed to cut into my gums, which are a bit inflamed at the moment. I also have a lot of pain in my front teeth when eating to bite down on something as simple as cheese.

My doctor advised that I can take a nail file and file down some of the rough spots that are causing discomfort. I did that and it seems to have helped. I also had been biting the inside of my cheeks and used some Anbesol on a cotton swab to help alleviate the pain. That actually helped me sleep. I have some leftover baby Oragel that I'm keeping with me at work, just in case.

The saliva production seems to be slowing. When I put them back in after brushing this morning, they seemed to go in easier. I do not have the "bumps" on yet. My doctor is going with no bumps for the first two sets to get used to them, then come the bumps after 4 weeks. I have to wear the first set for 2 weeks, then move on to the 2nd.

Right now, I'm a little afraid to eat, so I guess that will go away with time. The Anbesol and Oragel seem to really help and let my mouth "heal" a bit overnight if it's numb at bedtime.

Will update as time wears on. The correction is to an overbite.

Update: 1 week. Nail file will sand down the rough edges. It's like getting used to contact lenses, they scratch your eyes and eventually you don't realize they are there. No pain now, can bite down to eat. Brushing with an electric toothbrush was interesting as I still have some sensitivity. Already noticing a difference in my bite, since my bottom teeth were touching the roof of my mouth.

Weekends are a little harder to behave with, since it's easier to want to snack with a refrigerator nearby than not (like at work). I'm noticing that I brush my teeth a lot more since they feel sort of ucky to put on with dirty teeth. I know people cheat with straws and such, but I'm finding I tend to swish liquids in my mouth and it gets in between my teeth and the aligners. (I did have a frozen popsicle which felt really great when they were in, but I immediately had to brush my teeth and clean everything off.)

I can't bite down as far as I did with the aligners in and I'm noticing I can't when they are out too, so I'm thinking it's working.

They go on VERY easily now after a week, so I'm hoping my teeth have already started to shift.

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My doctor is an experienced orthodontist and has a very well run and efficient practice. Also took the time to call in the evening after the first day to check in on any issues/problems/questions.

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