DO NOT Get an IPL - Evansville, IN

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It was really free, yah, because I originally had...

It was really free, yah, because I originally had a micro laser peel in early December 2008. After the procedure (several weeks), I looked like I was ran over by a tire leaving a pattern on my face from the tools used. To make it worse, I am a model and now I am completely insecure about my face and have lost money (work).

So my IPL treatments have been free due to the center destroying my face. It is now June 2009, I have had 7 IPL treatments and if anything, my face is worse. I still have the square patterns on both cheeks, my skin is a lot more oily (I was always normal), with hypopigmentation that looks like scarring. To look somewhat normal, I have to wear tons of makeup. The make up makes me even more insecure knowing I have way too much on.

The nurse keeps saying, "Oh, we just need to do another IPL and make adjustments on the setting." It is painful for the first hour, or it has been several hours when the nurse decides to do each area twice in one setting. I look like a monster for about 6-8 days and I am unable to work during this time of healing. I do not know what to do. I am going back in a few days for another nurse at the office to look at it. I am getting a second opinion and am thinking of a law suit.

Has anyone else had this similar experience? If so, did it ever get better and how? I really think it is permanent and if anything could fix it, it would be a very severe process like grafting which is scary and expensive.

HELP!!!!! My advice, do NOT do it!!!!!!

Dr. Manley @ DeJa Vu

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