Chest Strengthening/ Weight Lifting and Breast Implants

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I had a fairly good experience wtih my breast...

I had a fairly good experience wtih my breast augmentation surgery. I healed very quickly, and I was driving within three days post surgery.

My implants are a little bigger than I would have liked; however, upon speaking with my surgeon about my concern, he said to wait at least a year before he changes them to a smaller size. Also, one breast is slightly larger than the other, but it was also this way before surgery. I also addressed this issue with my doctor, and he said not much else could be done. I have currently had the implants for 10 months, and their size is "growing" on me.

What I am wondering about is whether or not it is safe to do weight lifting/ strength training exercises after breast augmentation surgery. My surgeon informed me that I should never do any weight lifting/ strength training exercises again for the rest of my life because it will cause problems; however, my trainer at the gym completly disagrees. What is the correct answer to this question? Thank you.

Is it safe to do to do chest strengthening/ weight lifting exercises one year after having breast augmentation surgery?
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Overall he did a good job. I have had no complications from the surgery. However, they are a little bigger than I asked for originally.

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