Chemical Peel Gone Bad

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My primary doctor (at the time) was doing laser...

My primary doctor (at the time) was doing laser and derm practices. He had advertised medical grade chemical peels. I called the office and went in for a patch test. He did a 30% TCA peel near my ear area. There wasn't much action when i had gone it to get it checked 4 days later.

When I had gone in for the procedure, he had used a Jessner peel, a 30% TCA, and a 50 % TCA. Which I didn't find out til I ended up seeing a dermatologist 2 weeks later. (they needed my medical records) A friend of my had gotten me in to see her derm right away)

The third day into the peel I noticed the right lip/cheek area had a deep purple/reddish look to it. I questioned the doctor about it and he said everything looks "perfect"

Well anyway, you can see for yourself it didn't turn out perfect. I have scars on the lip area and about a 4 in scar across my forehead. The photos I have posted are 7 days after peel. The left side of my face doesn't look too bad, but the right side and forehead are a mess. Will Dermabrasion help with the scarring?

Will Microdermabrasion help with scarring from a...

Will Microdermabrasion help with scarring from a Chemical peel?

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