Radiesse & Restylane Cheek Injections! So Far Worth It and a Post-procedure Diary

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Hello all! There seems to be a shortage of cheek...

Hello all!

There seems to be a shortage of cheek augmentation reviews, so I decided to add mine and I will update this as I live with my cheek injections.

A few hours ago, I had 1/2 syringe Radiesse in each cheek, right on the cheekbone area, and Restylane in the tear trough of each eye.

I had the procedure because I have a thin face, and the goal of was to broaden my cheekbone area slightly. I am only in my 20's, but have some hollowing under my eyes, which is especially prominent when I smile. I have had other procedures with my Dr., and felt confident having a surgeon preform the injections.

I was very nervous that the procedure might be painful, particularly as my Dr. had explained during a previous appointment/consultation that some of the injections would be against the bone. I was more nervous about this procedure than any other I've had!

I arrived at my Dr.'s office, and while waiting was instructed to hold ice packs to my cheeks to help prevent bruising. Then, my Dr. explained the procedure to me and I was injected with a dental block, which was painless, and local anesthetic at the cheek and under eye injection sites. The local anesthetic shot under my eyes was sharply painful but manageable, though it did make me tear up.

We waited 10 minutes for the anesthetic to work, during this time I was again holding ice packs to my cheek area. The injections themselves were absolutely painless- it was brilliant. I didn't feel a thing. My cheeks were done first, and then my undereye area. The entire procedure (from entering to leaving the office) took 1.5 hours

Immediately after the procedure- it looked great! About 20 minutes later I looked slightly less great as swelling started. Now, a few hours later, I am very pleased with the results. The effect is more dramatic than I anticipated, in a good way. The Radiesse injections make me look like I have slightly higher and larger cheekbones than I naturally do, and the Restylane very nicely fills in the lower margin of my undereye hollows.

I expect these injections to last from 6-9 months, and if I get that sort of longevity I will feel that it was money well spent! I will update this post in a few days as the swelling settles.

Columbus Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is *excellent*! He is honest, genuinely cares about his patients, a very skilled surgeon, and extremely professional. Highly, highly recommended for any facial plastic surgery work. The office staff are very supportive and friendly as well.

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