Calves and Ankles Liposculpture

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Don't do any surgery during your period! ...

Don't do any surgery during your period! Dentists, Lasers, Excisions, IVs I've always had a high pain tolerance, but this time was excruciating getting the initial shots, because he was off the week I wanted and I just wanted it done and over with and not wait.

I did lipo on my calves and ankles yesterday and am very excited to think about all the skirts and shorts I can finally wear. I'm proud of my slim hourglass figure and friends are often envious but I had bigger lower legs than most guys.

Right now my legs are still swollen but they look incredible and subtle. I have no more cankles or bulges on the sides like I used to. I made the mistake of going to a chiropractor who thought Zerona might work on my legs. He also said their service was 50% less expensive. I wasted $1200 on half a series and they don't want to refund me some of it. I found out Dr. B, a board plastic surgeon, charges the same and eventhough he endorses Zerona on TV, he knew it wouldn't work on my ankles.

Thomas W. Barnes

Sometimes stern but he's probably the best around here in terms of skills. He is nice though.

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