The Downfall I Noticed

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About 4 years ago, i had lipposuction done, and...

About 4 years ago, i had lipposuction done, and the fat inserted into my gluteal area, i did not like the results, because it did not seem as if though anything was there at all.

Afer about one year i decided to get buttock implants, i took some underwear i use to wear that had the padden in them to my consultation and told the doctor how i wanted my buttock to look, he told me they should look bigger than what i was wearing. I was able to see them for myself all i remember him saying was that mines were a 250 not sure if that was the size or what. The procedure was done same day, i was happy with the results at least 80%.

After the swelling wwent down and time pass, they did not look like the underwear i used to wear with the padden, because, while i use light clothing, soft dresses, my butt looks nice and sexy. If i decide to put on some jeans then that was the problem i had to go back to my underwear for a much bigger rounder butt, theres nothing like a sexy butt in some jeans.

Can the implants i have in now, be removed and bigger ones placed in the sme area? would that be a problem for me?
Dr. Jose Salas Martinez

My doctors is a very experienced person, with any procedure he does. all credential is up to par, no lawsuits or complaints. Ive been a client of hes for more than three times. i have recomended more than ten different people to him all were happy with whatever he did for them. Staff very professional, clinic extremly clean.

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